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It’s a disease just like HIV or sickle cell anemia .The difference though is🐈🐱 family’s don’t get mad at the suffer.Children aren’t shuffled between family members , well maybe they are if the parent can’t care for them because they are to ill.

But when children are with Aunt’s and Uncles because the the parent is smoking crack.The parent becomes the villian not the sick or suffering .

Addiction is also the only disease , that the patient inflicts upon themselves, and is given the choice to suffer or not to suffer Is given the perscription for the disease to be arrested. The addict time and time a again believes they can CURE themselves.

One of worst symptoms ,addiction has is denial .Denial that they have the disease is one form . The worst symptoms of denial though is that they got it all together, or they may know shits falling apart at the seems.

And if they just move to this location,get this job ,this partner.If my daddy had loved me as a child .I wouldn’t use drugs today .This is denial at it’s finest .